Go Dodgers and Education Too

Hopefully things will fare better than the game Tuesday for Ed and our beloved Doyers.

Ed needed a ride to school the other morning. He was going to be having a short day. You see, the fellow Dodger Blue fan was headed to the ballgame after a test. He wasn't the only one about to be tested.

Ed is former military who is working on his education at the Career College. He's studying surgical technology thanks to his investment in the GI Bill.

Ed explained to me a bit more information regarding that. 

"They took a hundred bucks out of my paycheck for two years as a loan of sorts. After I was done I could apply that to school and I would not only get it back but I would get it back and then some."

Ed had come out here from New York and had found a love with the Dodgers. 

"I just have a test today and then after that I'm heading to the ball game. It's my first playoffs game and they're playing the Nationals. I hope we have better luck though because every time I go to the game they lose..."

Sadly they did that day.

Tonight the Dodgers will be playing another game against the Nationals. This one will be in Washington. Here's hoping that passenger Ed and I have better luck with him not going to the game.

"Go Dodgers! No Cubs!" he said as he left.

Indeed Ed.