C Remembered Opportunity

Some things may be two coincidental to be coincidental.

It was a cold winter night for us here in Los Angeles yesterday evening. I had a long day full of promise: a pair of good interviews and lots of upward movement... but not enough driving before I got to...

It was a moment of deja vu.

"Have you driven me before? This is so familiar. Maybe it's the hair or the flower. I don't know. Do you ever drive in Culver City?"

I drive a lot over there but my day had been such a delightful blur that I didn't recall.

"I do. I could have but I'm dreadfully sorry because I do not remember. I have had a long day and have been doing this a very long time."
"It's ok. Me too."

And we talked about the blustery weather for a moment.

"It was too cold for the bus. I could have taken the bus."

C had had a long day too. Her phone carrier was not allowing for calls. It was amazing she had even gotten a Lyft to begin with.

"Well.. there's candy in the back seat. It sounds like you might need it."

And she laughed and smiled. We returned to talking about my doppelganger.

"I hope that your experience with whomever was a good one or else I'm going to have to track down my alter ego and go Ramona Flowers annihilate them."

She laughed.

And then there was a moment where I caught it.

The way she talked.

The words she spoke.

The talk about changed jobs towards something far better and closer than a ride awhile back from Culver City... she had been a former passenger. She was a very sweet passenger whom had a very long commute due to a job that she was hoping to get out of. As I looked at the commute time this time I couldn't help but smile. 

"You took a longer ride last time. It sounds like you got the job you wanted huh?"

C perked up and smiled again.

"You remembered!"
"You did first!"

The two of us giggled at our moment of serendipity. On a day of a hopefully successful interview and steps forward and such after a terrible week prior it was truly...

"I'm so happy that things are working out for you. I'm so thankful to have had you return to my car. What a wonderful beginning!"

It was like two old friends chatting for the brief moment.

Moments like this are a big part of why I do this. I reminded her about the blog and about how I had come to an interview that had read a bit of it (although not this section to my understanding... yet at least) and told her how truly humbled it had been to hear that.

"Oh I'm sure you have tons of different stories with people in here. Tell me a few?"

This is what I am. I am forever the storyteller.*

I'll have to blog about this one over on Invisible Me someday soon too.

I obliged with a couple before dropping her off. She doesn't know it but as soon as she got out of the car, I knew that she was going to be the next story to be told.

These are the stories of the city.

These are the stories that this little girl in the big city gets as an opportunity to share and write about. Will you join me some time soon for one? See you on the road (or on these pages) soon... if you remember (and grasp that opportunity) that is.