"Trash talk" wasn't what I thought was on the agenda for Friday morning, but that's what it ended up being with passenger B who works at the Hollywood Studios in Hollywood, California.

To be clear, when I say "trash talking" it's not entirely what you might imagine here in Los Angeles. It's actually literally about some interesting trash stories straight out of Hollywood... because that's where we were anyway obviously.

B has been working over at the Studios for some time now. He's seen a few names walk in and out of the doors which are used to assist in filming shows for Disney and Comedy Central. 

B told me about his run in with the famous Silent Bob character Mr Kevin Smith himself

"He was even dressed like him. It was great. He's a really cool guy."

However not everyone was as pleasant of an experience. Unfortunately B said that certain writers in a "Secret Sex Room" with exclusive only access are a bit... well more than aloof. The same not great attitude could be said about some interns over on a show that airs at Midnight.

"They're jerks. They act like they're someone special and they're just interns. [Chris] Hardwick is a really cool guy but I'm not sure what's up with his people."

But enough of that type trash talk.

B told me that his job over at the Studios is really easy. He gets the trash taken out in the rooms after the shows and celebrities leave.

"Was there ever anything interesting in any of there? Anything noteworthy?"
"Not really. Well.. there was one thing that I ended up taking and giving to my nephew. It was clean and fully wrapped up in cellophane and tissue paper and all that so it wasn't gross or anything."
"What was it?"
"They film the Disney show [He told me which one but I don't recall sorry.] there. I was cleaning this actor's room [I don't remember his name either sorry] and there was this Japanese Mickey Mouse discarded in the trash. There was nothing wrong with it and it was something that you wouldn't just find everywhere so I just took it to send to my nephew."

As a courtesy to B for sharing his story I decided not to publish his first name completely. B told me that he's had a lot of fun working at the Studios and was very appreciative of being able to come in when I brought him in. I hope you enjoyed his story just as much as he does working over there to have these experiences to "trash talk" about. The opinions expressed in this entry are not meant to offend anyone and are solely just general conversation between two people who have had limited experiences with said individuals. (Aka please don't sue me or fire B as he was a really rad cat who loved his job who was just having a silly conversation on a Friday morning.)

That said, for more city driving stories I highly encourage you to follow along as I update here. Thanks for reading and see you around the Big City.

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Someone's Treasure