On Writers and Technologists

Ah technology and writers meet once again.

It's been a few minutes since I've arrived to Orange County. I'm not super versed in the airport tango down here yet. This morning I got some practice with a technologist named Steve.

Steve was delightfully five stars. His passenger rating even reflected it.

But that comes later.

As I arrived at the home I saw Steven with luggage. This was a safe guess to say that I'd be headed to the airport.

"I take it I'm taking you to John Wayne?"

"How'd you know?" he asked me.

The destination hadn't been entered in yet. 

"Oh well I have a hunch. Was it right?"

"Yes it was. Good call."

"I'm not super familiar with this airport. I'm usually up in LA. I'm new down here."

"Ah LA. Yeah that's just not for me. My brother lives up there but... well how do you like it down here? Isn't the traffic far better?"

"I'll tell you something. The traffic didn't bother me that much."


"No. It was actually the parking up there. I still have parking tickets I get to pay from up there. It's a nightmare up there for parking."

"I believe it!"

We talked a bit more about the area. He was going to help direct me a bit as he knew I was still a bit fresh. At one point we were coming to an area which he thought might get a bit tricky.

"We'll see your driving skills here. You might have to jump across three lanes. Just do what they do in New York and get through them. "

"I'm from Chicago but I know what you mean. I usually will just twirl my hair and smile and wave rather than the other stuff. I've been confused with being a New Yorker a bit. My cousins seem to think it's insulting."

"It's not at all. It means that you can not take shit."

"You're from New York aren't you?"


"I figured."

It was wide open and easy. 

"I thought you said this was going to be difficult Steve?"

He smiled.

"Well at 7:30am it can be!"

The conversation switched to technology.

"My work is right down there. I work in software."

"Are they looking for any help? I do social and writing but I know a bit about technology. I need to stop dating in that sector. Although there have been some really great and cute chats with existentialism and sweet messages in code... there still is a bit of a gap sometimes."

Steve laughed again.

"Writers and technologists are... well writers are dangerous. Technologists have trouble in the word area."


"Yes. You're Hemmingways."

"I am not!"

Steve gave me a side eye.

"To be clear although I've lived in an artist colony above a bar previously and do own a typewriter and have had a drink before typing on it before.."

"Uh huh.. exactly."

"Well to say that nothing good ever came out of that would be wrong. However Hemmingway wasn't a great guy and I can confidently say that I never did nor never would beat my spouse or anyone else ever."

He and I agreed.

We then switched gears and talked about the differences between Uber and Lyft. About my opinions on the corporate behavior of Uber... but how I still will drive them on rare occasion.

"I will still drive for them very sporadically but not very often. They just settled a big lawsuit about tipping recently."

"Yeah that's actually why I switched to Lyft. They were trying to stick it to their drivers without having the option there. Whenever I'd take an Uber I'd have to remember cash and it was.. well it's 2016 that's...

"Yep. Between that and how Travis K has referred to female drivers as "boober" I really prefer not to log in there but still do every so often.  I guess if I had to compare it to anything it's like when you know better to eat the candy at Lent but then you say.. ok I guess one bite won't hurt too too bad. You close your eyes and then just do it. I think there's a few things in life like that. Does that make sense?"

"Oh isn't that the truth."

The airport was coming up. Steve helped navigate me through the terminals.

"It's easier than LA here."

"Not really. I mean LA is just one straight line and then a circle."

"Well it takes forever."

"It does but there are also shortcuts if you know them!"

"I've been to the airport a lot. Probably more than you."

"I've been to the airport a lot too. I do do this for work.."

"Well I've been travelling like this for 35 years."

"Ok you have me beat. I'm not even that old."

I got the side eye again.

"What? I'm seriously refreshed that you even know about Lyft let alone work in technology. My dad has no clue about this and he has a daughter in her 30s."

We pulled into the airport and said goodbye. 

"Have a great day Steve. Thanks."

"You too."

Totally Hemmingway and not me

Totally Hemmingway and not me