Jet Planes and Quiet Moments

Sometimes there's more said in the quiet than in actual words.

(Note: I actually started drafting this yesterday and shrunk the tab before saving and completely lost everything. I guess it just needed to be rewritten so here goes round two. Perhaps this is what was supposed to actually come about.)

Monday morning was full of airport runs. It's different here now that I live in Orange County but the sentiment still holds the same story even in the quiet moments.  Monday had a couple of those doses of quiet.

Monday started early from Laguna with a trip to John Wayne. As I pulled up to pick up passenger Kristy, a gentleman walked out with a big bag. He put it in the car and said good morning. He walked back into the house and quickly disappeared.

Kristy would come out a few minutes later. The two would embrace with a hug and a kiss and it was off to John Wayne.

The ride itself was really quiet. Kristy just sat in the back in silence and put her makeup on. She was not interested in any sort of conversation and I wasn't going to press. We drove through the mountains on the 73 toll road in quiet. 

It's a road I have come to love lately that I will be writing and posting about over on Invisible Me.

We arrived to the airport and she exited. It was absolutely nothing special although it was special in its own quiet way.

Another airport run later would also match nearly the same level of quiet.  It was a gentleman coming from New York headed to Malibu. 

Todd was a bit warmer getting into the car. He talked briefly about how hectic it was over at LAX and confusing with rideshare signs.  But after that initial opening it was really quiet.

At one point before we had been able to get out of the airport traffic he got a phone call with someone named Heather and you could tell this was someone important to him. I watched in my rear view as traffic drifted past us and Todd lit up happy to talk and plan a get together with this woman. I was silent and just drove.

Our drive to Malibu was gorgeous as well. I highly recommend everyone who visits to drive it at least a million times. It's cathartic and therapeutic in it's own right.

You can go look over at Little Girl, Big City for posts about this type of drive down the PCH and more too. 

We arrived at Todd's destination in quiet and it was over in a moment too but the sentiments lingered. I thought about how beautiful the moments were of these arrivals and exits. Of how monumental those little moments are. About Stars and stories that should be written over on Once Loved.

Even as a silent bystander know that your drives and these moments are treasured and beautiful. We might not have a great connection or anything or might not ever see each other ever again but know that your drives and company mean more than you might realize.

How are you reveling in quiet moments? Do you even notice?