Transitional Happiness

Silver linings and ecological saviors are harder to actualize than you might actually want to in a less than ideal landscape of choices.

Lauren had some flair to her for the early evening. She was on her way to try and land a table at a trendy hot spot. She was dressed for a late evening out. Of course when I arrived it was still bright bright daylight.

"I hope it gets dark when we get there at least. It's so early I feel silly. I feel like I'm dressed like a hooker."

She wasn't. It was clear she was going out to a club but I assured her that she didn't look bad. 

"It's your life. Don't worry about anyone else. Do you. Be happy. The rest doesn't matter."
She smiled. We ended up talking about fire and passion and.... transitions.
"You said you live downtown?"
"Oh I did. Past tense. I live in Orange County right now. I've got mixed feelings about it."
"I used to live in Orange County. I know the feeling. I grew up in Dana Point. Why did you move over there?"
"Well it's complicated. Things just kind of didn't work out with me and this guy I've seen off and on for a few years and... I got a great deal on a place in Laguna and I hate parking tickets. It was never supposed to be anything long term but I don't know what's going to happen yet. I have a place in Anaheim now for a bit but I really miss it up here and there's more but it's complicated."
"Sounds like transition. I know. I've been through it. I'm sorry about the guy. I hope things work out for you. It's not easy. However... Laguna is so nice. How the heck did you end up there?"
"I got a really crazy amazing deal. It was [x] price for a master bedroom off Ocean..."
"Holy shit girl...."
"Yeah. But it wasn't as long as I would have liked. It's a good goal to work towards. It's ok. But you mentioned transition. What's your story?"

Lauren had studied in Berkeley. She came to Los Angeles looking for a career in environmental studies.

"I wanted to save the world pretty much. I'm an Aquarius. I wanted to give back. I still do. I struggle with it. It doesn't work out. I wish it did. I ended up in the job I have now by accident. I work for an online horse betting company doing their HR. They have a billion dollars in sales. It's crazy. I'm hoping I can turn this into something sustainable and corporate but I hate corporate."

One of the most phenomenal things about this ride was that Lauren had chosen to transition towards happiness. This was this idea in practice and actualization.*

*Happiness is something touched on regularly over in stories on Invisible Me and has also been featured over in the stories of Little Girl, Big City adventure portion, and even in Scribble format.

This ride memory has remained with me for awhile. It happened over a month ago (note the last draft states the date of July 17th and much has changed since then) but I hadn't been able to finish the post about it just yet. It's been a wonderful journey where I've been on my own path and transition to happiness. If you'd like to read more about things outside of the rides here I highly encourage you to check in to the other sections on here via the top navigation to see what they have. I aspire to manifest more of these rides with greater frequency. Won't you join me on this incredible journey?