Creating an Imagined Life

There's much to be said in names and locations and the relationship between them.

Tiffany's pickup point was not far from where actors go. She was pretty much down the street from SAG AFTRA- a place where actors hope to end up. But that's not where this story started as I said. It started at a better named, aptly named location called: Imagined Life.

As I was approaching the stop I began to drift in my mind about the beauty of this name. What wondrous things could come out of this place? One, apparently, would be a passenger named TIffany.

Tiffany was an Asian woman with big aviator sunglasses and an equally radiant personality. She complimented me on my shiny mermaid pants as she entered. I asked her if she had a preferred route to go to her destination. She beamed even more. 

"I've never been asked that. Thank you for asking."

I confirmed her music named destination and we were off on our dance through traffic.

"What is "Imagined Life"?" I asked her. 

Even as I said this out loud I just got lost in the possibilities of where this conversation could go. The Invisible Me was beyond contemplative. 

But that's another story and another section. Let's focus on rider Tiffany.

"It was an acting class."

Tiffany told me that she was an actor who had come to Los Angeles after a huge life change. Unfortunately I do not know where she came from. I do know, however, that she came from a very surprising background though regardless of location.

"My degree is actually in Biology. My parents pushed me to it. I graduated and..."

She had a stable life.

She had a stable income.

She had so many things that are conventionally desirable.

"Do you still do any of that?"

She nodded her head no.

She gave them all up.

I gasped and smiled.

"Oh wow. That's so bold of you."

We talked about our shared paths of art. About how the both of us love them. About...

"It wasn't for me. I moved. I came here. I gave it a chance. It's worked out. I'm lucky. This is what I want. I don't miss it. I love my life. I'm happy."

Tiffany made me smile so much. These are the drives that make the days so worthwhile. These stories of Los Angeles of people pursuing their dreams.. and making them happen. 

What is the life you imagine? Are you living it? What's stopping you? I'd love to know... if you're bold and willing to tell me.

Until then, I'm off to the road looking for more stories. Stay tuned here to Little Girl, Big City for more every week. Namaste.