Boring Aspirations and New Destinations

Because life is reflective sometimes even when you somewhat stumble into it.

When I picked up Katherine in the area known as Little Osaka, I was met with a smile. The area is dear to me. It's a playground of Japanese and Asian delights of food and trinkets and art galleries and, of course, sushi (in conveyor belt form there).

As I pulled up Katherine was smiling and waving. She was a white woman with an all black hair and blonde hair pulled up.

Katherine and I had instant chemistry. She was a delightful breath of fresh air. The night last night would be... night and day in comparison to that early evening ride. I guess it's not all great though with anything.

"That area is so dangerous for my pocketbook. It's delightful. Did you have a good time there?"
"Yes absolutely. I know! I work over here and I have to try and be careful not to spend a bunch of money when I leave."

Katherine told me that she is a massage therapist from the Midwest who has a specialty in Shiatsu massage. She came out here specifically for massage work from Kentucky. She didn't have an accent. It was a very unusual ride.

"That's not something I hear everyday of a reason to come out here."
"Well there are a lot of clients here that want house calls. I work over here because I have a background in this particular massage. I guess it's not as common for someone to have and they love me."
"My apologies but for someone who migrated from out there you do not have any accent at all."
"I know. It's strange. I just never got it."

Katherine had been here less than a year. She moved to Los Angeles in October but she hasn't been able to explore much of it yet.

"Little Osaka is one of my favorite places in town. One of the best things about it here is that every piece is so much different. Do you have a favorite place or place that you enjoy most yet?"
"What I really love about it here is that you can essentially take a mini vacation because of that. You just go to a different part of Los Angeles and it's a vacation."
"Where do you vacation?"
"Heh. That's a good question. I actually haven't yet though. I've been really busy working. Is that boring?"
"No it's totally not boring but even if it is, that's pretty damn nice. My life is not boring and, as much as I would tell you that you're missing out, I'm pretty envious of your boring."
"That's weird. Why?"

I told her about some things going on in my life. About some things in quieter form than the heavy. About the "joy" of roommates and being broke and...

"I have this saying... I aspire to be very boring someday. It just hasn't happened yet. At least not everywhere. I geek out over stupid boring stuff though like how I found an international postcard stamp from 2014 in my storage unit today and I share boring stories like that with friends who also think these boring things are... not boring?"

Katherine laughed.

"I love boring. It's the best!

I agreed and wished her a good boring evening of relaxation or not boring and full of merriment.

How was your Saturday? Was it boring? Is boring the destination you seek? Do tell if you wish. Stay tuned for more tales of boring and aspirations and destinations and rideshare stories straight from a little girl here in this big city. Happy Sunday. Make it count- boring or otherwise.