Imperfect Arrivals and the Tale of a Story about Life

Happy Birthday to my favorite Halloween present ever.

Today is Jonas' 3rd birthday. It is a difficult one as this is another one that is further away than it should be due to the actions of a truly disturbed series of characters. But that's a different story that perhaps you'll hear about a bit later. Let's go to the sunshine. This little boy... he's a lot of that.

Jonas was not an expected arrival at all. In fact there was some scared feelings about the journey of being his mom as he first was just a white light in a black piece of darkness.*

You can read about this beautiful story of how this little boy almost wasn't but then happily was in another tale of imperfect arrival and life here on this earlier blog.

Facebook time machine would remind me of the days that would proceed his birthday yet again. It would also remind me of the joyful second birthday we had.. where I wore the same outfit I had the year prior and decorated the house full of balloons fit for a little prince to squeeze and pop the life out of. There have been so many happy memories. Of how Jonas absolutely didn't want to give back the horchata when he first tasted it and then would ask for it in the cutest way "more-chata please."

There were so many beautiful memories of this dear sweet little boy with my heart. There will be many more. I know it. And as much as I am sad that they are not happening this year for the moment, I feel better at some of the things in the distance... of the knowledge that things look optimistic for changing and that this could very well be the end of that dark day.

And then there's this update from the day before he was born... as I would be heading towards getting induced for what would inevitably be his arrival:

Through all the darkness, there is indeed a light. Life is not perfect. Things aren't always going to come about when it's ideal. It's just the way of things. Beyond the arrival of my favorite Halloween present ever, I just thought that I would share that bit here. 

This birthday will be hard but the next one will be better. Life and things aren't perfect. The beauty is the journey through. No matter how dark or scary or beautiful or easy it is... it's worth every moment of it.

Thank you so much for joining me. Especially you my dear sweet little vampire hugger baby.

I love you more than space.