Intro to the main characters

Hi there.

This is a very very dear and important section to me. It's about a very special little character. He's my character. My mini. My partner in this great great adventure even if I'm not always able to hold his hand for every part of it.

But that's just how parenting goes I guess right?

This is the journey to #SaveJonas

This is the journey to live in the notes that were part of the reason why he's alive today.

Of music.

Of adventure.

Of sadness and joy.

 This is the story of a little boy named after a rock song and his mom and his siblings fighting hard to be together in a city that might be doing what they always deserved to do against all sorts of naysayers and adversity.

This is our story of light and love.

This is Jonas story and how lucky I am to be a part of it for any bit of time possible.

This is our story of light and love. 

Hopefully I get to remain a main character in it for awhile. Come sit and hear our stories for a few?