Because Everyone Could Use a Little Love

Especially when there are heartbreaking things going on.

This homemade card sent to me by Elena was actually sent a long time ago. I am very far behind with updating cards sent to me. Things going on in other avenues like family matters on Little Mom, Big City, inner monologues on Invisible Me, adventures in the Little Girl, Big City, and then there's the stories being told by the fellow city dwellers I sometimes give rides to on the City Driving Stories portion...

But I digress.

I have had a bit of a heart wrenching weekend that hit the draft pile for the time being until the proper time and I came in to my favorite coffee shop to write and work and bid for work and update some cards and this was one that popped right out. I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did on this very very rough time where some love is...

Here is what Elena had to say way back last January when she sent this originally...

"Hello Jennifer. My name is Elena. I live in a small town. Now we have a lot of snow but the whole of December was very cold: -20 degrees! I'm cold!
At home I live cat. It is homemade. He warmly. With [heart sticker] from Russia, Elena. "