Pain, Perception, and Once Loved

Reminders of pain and joy and perception in little notes.

I sent a bunch of cards today* and responded to my pen pal.

Note this was started and drafted originally May 14th, 2016 and much has happened since then as you may know. Please go look on Invisible Me for a few posts and then some...

I told Bobbi about some of my adventures not yet written and... well she asked me if I was on drugs. It was hilarious but I guess perception is something subjective. 

I finished a letter back to her June 23rd,2016 that I sent as well later addressing her response to that response to that. It was sent out last week and I have not heard back from her about that yet. I sent her and my other pen pal letters which addressed my sister's death.

My note to her was pretty short but included negative results to a recent drug test I'd taken on Monday May 25th to reassure her that nope not I'm not. 

At that time, I also sent cards to the following places:

  • Washington (domestic post)
  • Ukraine
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • Singapore
  • Russian Federation
  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands (2)
  • Belgium

One of those cards asked for a story or something to be told that isn't really something that's generally talked about.

I told her about the person in Once Loved... 

I'll have to tell you a bit about those stories some more. There's a lot of magic that happened over on Santa Monica Pier.. of the cheesy kind. It feels, however, like another world away given how this last week has been. It's mind boggling actually how much has changed and how sad it is that it was so magical at one point but is the other side of the world right now.

Note, since this was originally drafted I found out said suitor slept with someone before card and post were originally drafted but didn't tell me. Things were not great to say the least but we were in therapy discussing things and... well... sigh. It's been a pretty sad turn of events.

All and all it's not been a bad week post wise (the week of May this initially started that is at least).  I think I'm going to write one of my other pen pals since I have a wee bit of extra time tonight.  (I'm doing that tonight as well now as I prep for meetings this week since the hibernating time is coming to a close with my car getting fixed this coming week finally thankfully).  Stay tuned and I'll.. keep you posted about the mail madness of the week.