Two Dated Cards and Some Twitter News

Cleaning house meant finding a couple of things that apparently got shuffled around a bit.

I was up late the last couple of nights sifting through paperwork and organizing things a bit at the house preparing for the bigger sets of organizing I'd be doing later when I came across two cards accidentally.

You see, I got a load of cards a couple of weeks to my post box recently that I started blogging about with the first batch here and am still trying to update them. I have so many to do and I wanted to revive this section and my blog in general now that there is a little bit of space to do so in some regards and was updating them late last night when I couldn't sleep.

I elected to make a whole Twitter specifically to mailing updates for organizational purposes including to track what I mailed and when. You can see it here and follow it if you want to as well.

In the massive stack of things mixed with postcards that I had also sent out last night ( 6 per what I logged on the new Twitter account ) I picked up a few cards that seemed to appear out of nowhere. I'm not sure how they got with the stack I was registering. It might have been partially while sifting through some personal cards and things to send to a pen pal that I made via Postcrossing. However there they were.

At 2am I didn't realize the dates on the stamped postage until after I'd registered them. They were from over a year ago. I'm not entirely sure why they hadn't been registered. In the mix and rush of things with everything that's happened with Jess and Jonas and migrating to San Francisco and not quite love stories and... it's not entirely shocking that some things would get mixed up. I still have to pour through things in storage which will surely have more memories and possibly cards.

There were three cards in that pile that had been backdated. The third, however, will be posted on a different section on here. It really deserves to be over there really... although I'm not sure which one. I'm leaning towards Invisible Me rather than my family blog section which just seems consumed with death and... shrug. Well, go look over at both sections for updates if you'd like. There may be updates on both soon anyway at the rate I'm drafting things right now.

 Here's two of those three that didn't get entered postcards and their corresponding messages (or would be messages) :

And now back to drafting some more. Hope you enjoyed the ramble.