Waking up my chest felt heavy.

My eyes were closed lightly tightly.

Thoughts began to appear into my head.


The feeling surged.

The physical pain.

I persisted.

My mind wanted to fight for the better.


"What do you feel?"

My thoughts didn't return to the chest pain as much as I'd thought. They were simplistic but big in their own right.

"Light." I thought.

The light covered my eyelids and warmed me. It was a hug kind of warmth and comfort.

"Air." I thought.

Even as I laid there struggling with it, it was still there.

It was... still there.

I.. was still there.

I smiled.

For some reason, this was the motivation I needed to open my eyes.

"A chance." I thought.

And as I went to see the time, I felt a warm glow of happiness around me.

A simple piece of a moment that existed only for me.

A piece of a moment that existed because of me.

A piece of a moment that existed because I dared to fight the pain and wake up.

"A chance."


I moved over and grabbed my phone. It was still early. I knew I wanted to wake up and write or work or.. work. My body was helping me with that.

"A goal." I thought.

When I looked at the message on my phone this morning it was more of the same.

"I'm glad you are working hard for what you want." the validation read.

I smiled again.



"A goal."

"A chance."

I am ever so thankful.

Written this morning: 7.22.16 at 7:12am