When Silence is Betrayal

Silence is a common theme in some of the dark points of my life it seems.

I've been having a difficult week for reasons I won't get into here. Some of it may be related to [redacted].  Maybe I'll tell you about it someday. Maybe I won't.

But I digress.

As part of my usual routine, I look and reflect back on old posts. I realize every so often when I run across one of these how I do not put my prose here often enough... it usually goes elsewhere in private forms. I also.. have not been writing prose enough lately either. That needs to change. The temperament of this message needs...

This note was written now a decade ago today apparently per this notation reminder: ¬©Scandalous 1.18.8

Perhaps it will get a reboot and another version "When the Smoke Clears Again" but for now... enjoy this one maybe?

and you have but one last gasp to say your goodbyes...

here's your chance.
to that love...
to that could have should have been but never was...
to best friends...
to passion..
to desire, lust and passions long past (not) forgotten...
to that waxing insect intellectual teacher...
to the ones who who just couldn't get the clue...
to family..

here's to you.. goodbye,
goodbye _____.

stage is open.
its your turn before the curtain call... what'll it be bob?
15 *minutes* of fame?
try again...you have 5 seconds.

red light.
green light.
go go go.




Tick tick