Lost and Found

Oh the insides of my head are a jumble of clarity and chaos and clarity at the same time.

I hadn't realized that I hadn't posted a Scribble in this long. There have been quite a few since the last posting... and yet not enough.

This one bids more clarity and discussion and yet perhaps it doesn't. 

Madness and knowledge might look like this... one can never be clear of thought even if one is clear in thought. Or perhaps that notion is nonsense even if it's sense at the same time.

Without trying to be narcissistic (my therapist has veto'd that notion FYI), I think that this thought process is a bit of a process and a way of life that everyone hopefully is "guilty" of exploring at some point or another.

For some more of these thought bubbles, you can feel free to drop by and see some more in this scribble format or invisible or maybe even prose dialogue. There are other formats around the interwebs I hear as well but.. I'll just leave this at this for the moment.

I hope that you are all having a grand Labor Day weekend, day, week, or... moment... no matter if you are lost or found or any area in between with your thoughts... if they/you even exist at all either.


Your (mostly) friendly resident Muse