One day you’ll know the reality that you were not allowed to see.

The past few months have been a mission of sorts.

You see, a majority of my things from my life are currently in a storage unit. This is not because I don’t have a place but simply because I don’t have the emotional strength (nor actual physical space really) to currently store all of…

our things.

I say our things because, in a collected review of things, they really are, for a majority of it, our things. For someone who was alleged to have been focused on myself, the pure irony when looking at things from an honest set of eyes even just on a physical level can see that… it’s kind of been most anything but the actual truth. Boxes of proof sit in this time capsule alone. They’re just a piece of things in a bigger puzzle which the players in your “game” which I refused to “play” of a story manipulated so that you would not see them. To them, these things were things that didn’t matter. They didn’t help them with the stories that they wanted to tell… of stories that just outright didn’t happen the way they said despite their bold outright lies in court.

These things are just… everything my dears… as are you. They are the justice you deserved to know existed but were denied out of fear and anger.

My dear friend Steven has helped me with so much over the years. If anyone could have the claim to helping me the most, it’d be him. I believe you all have met him at one point over the years. If not yet, at some point when we are once again reunited, I look forward to re-introducing you to him.

Now kids, if you’re ever able to find one friend like not quite uncle Steven, know that you’re damn lucky. You can even say damn about it. I think it’s fully appropriate and there’s not a damn thing anyone can say about that.

I look in that storage unit and know that there is an undeniable truth that exists even if it were denied to you. On days like today (Christmas) I think about our things in storage. Some days the things there represent hope and a chance. Other days, unfortunately like today, are more difficult.

One day I hope you will know the story of the real life time capsules I’ve created for you to find. Like this blog section. Like all the digital proof I have collected and put on files with instructions specifically for when something happens to me to be released. Like the paperwork scattered on the floor of a current room converted into a makeshift office because I really don’t like the idea of putting it all away and “closing” it right now. Like the photos of the stacks of things that I should post for you to see but don’t have right this moment because… quite frankly… like some of the other stuff it’s too damn painful on most days to even think about.

I love you my dears . There is nothing more that I wish for you than for you to see the real life time capsules of truth someday… not soon enough.

Not soon enough.