Monday Mourning Advocacy

Cancer takes all kinds unfortunately.

Two Mondays ago, passenger Abhit entered the car a bit somber. It was a very dark and sad day for him and for the family of a dear one he knew. He had just heard the news before coming into the car.

The woman's name was Karen Johnson. Her battle with cancer came to a close Monday October 10th, 2016. She is a mother and a grandmother and was very loved by people that knew her.

"She had so much spirit left in her."

Abhit was nearly in tears for his trip cross town. We took a moment in silence to reflect. Moments of silence are important. The week of the anniversary of my grandmother's passing to cancer I took my own time off from things here and otherwise. I wish I didn't relate or understand at all about his plight.

Abhit told me that they wished that Karen had taken cannabis treatments sooner. You see Abhit was not just a layman. He was a professional who worked at a hospital and whom was making a curious transition for his studying.

He told me that he'd read a book called the "Pathophysiology of Disease" and was an advocate for cannabis treatment. 

"The THC is key. It doesn't kill the healthy cells that chemo does. It's also been around forever. It's a plant and big Pharma isn't exactly a fan of it for many reasons."

He continued talking about holistic approaches to modern medicine. He was very forward with his thoughts on this matter and beyond. That's what made the next path a bit more curious.

Abhit is going to the administrative portion of medicine. Perhaps with his help on the front lines there may be more opportunities and awareness towards holistic approaches and cures to cancer available to the everyday man, woman, or child. Perhaps there might be a few lives saved and less lost to cancer like his friend Karen Johnson and my grandmother Anita Giannerini.  

To all those who have lost a loved one to cancer, my condolences. You are not forgotten and there are many people who want to fight for your memory. Have a great day.