Cubs and Anticipation

Tonight will be the night we find out the end of the story.

A little over a week ago I was listening to what would be the final game against the Dodgers. It was the game that would be the start of history... and tonight it could be even more so.

There were a few passengers that have heard about this as the days passed. Some of my passengers were not baseball fans (like the ones last night who asked for an aux cord while I was listening to the game) and were not interested in the slightest. Others, like the ones that got in the car the night the Dodgers lost against the Cubs, were happy and anticipating the outcome either way.

There was a long ride cross town that was there for an earlier game as I was happy as things went play by play. She was bored and quiet in the back. I felt mildly embarrassed.

There was another carpool line where the girl who first got in had no connection to the game but the guys that got in after happily chatted about it with me and even left a comment that they liked that I liked baseball.

The there was a pair that was happy to hear the game entering my car after that infamous 5th inning.  

"Forewarning: I may be crying during this ride. It looks like the Cubs might be going to the series and.. I've got stories."

At that point I told them about my tale of how important this series is.

"I'm not looking forward to losing my grandpa but I know that my dad would really be happy if they won and he needs a little bit of happiness after my sister passed this year. It'd be like a high five from her if they won."
"Well we're cheering for your family either way!"

It was a big night that night. The couple cheered and I just was silent. I didn't end up crying until after they exited the car. I have no clue why.

Tonight is Game 7.

The Cubs weren't even supposed to get here statistically... but they did. They came back from a 3-1 losing status. This could be the year. This could really be the year.

However the bored passengers should feel relieved that I will be taking the night off tonight to watch this game. I don't want to bore people with the game. I don't want to be asked for an aux cord and have my rating effected even when I change the station over to their choice.

This is a big year and a big day. I'm thankful to all of the passengers that have dealt with my love of baseball for the end of this season. Sincerely.

Now.. game on everyone. See you on the road tomorrow. Until then.. this is how my face will be... 

Let's go Cubs!

(Ps- why couldn't I have a ride with Cubs manager Joe Madden? Maybe you should come to LA and tell me about how you feel about it?)