Welcoming Russia

It's not all terse with every Russian connection these days.

Passenger Gustavo from West Hollywood had a great weekend this weekend. In our short trip this morning he told me about his anticipation of a very special guest who made her way here all the way from Russia. No, the person wasn't anyone named Putin. It was a warm creature whose bark was paired with puppy breath. 

"She will be arriving soon. I pick her up on Friday." Gustavo said with an excited tone.
"Oh how wonderful! When was the last time you had a puppy before her?"
"Twenty years. My partner and I have been preparing for her all weekend. It's a lot. We're getting toys and bedding and all sorts of things for her."
"How did you find her? Are you fostering or did you go to a shop?"
"Actually I was introduced to a friend of a friend who was from Russia here working who rescues dogs. She found this lab hound mix. She wanted to find someone or she was going to have to just keep it. She brought her here all the way from Russia. I guess the laws there are really not kind towards things as much as here."
"Oh wow that's a long trip. Was she quarantined at all?"
"Nope. It was a pretty quick process. She's about 3 months now. We get her on Friday. It's been a very full weekend otherwise."
"It sounds like it. But some happiness is on its way. People need more of that right now."
"Yes they surely do."
"Was she named yet? Does she have a name yet?"
"Her name is Mila. I wanted to give her a strong Russian name since that's where she's from. It goes with her story and all that."

In a time right now when there are so many people scared and upset about things going on outside, it was truly wonderful to hear some warmth this morning. 

I hope that you are having a great day. Spread some happiness today maybe? See you on the road.