"Matters" of a Nation

It's "nice" to know that nothing has changed.

Yesterday was a very historical day for our nation here in the United States. It was a very very big sign sadly at how divided it is.

Last night I worked very briefly. I had personal matters which are currently on pause right now that I... elected.. to refrain from driving for the most part before today.

When I did end up driving last night, I changed before I voted to a patriotic and spirited outfit to hopefully cheer up passengers as well as myself. Last night it seemed to work successfully as every single passenger commented on a happy note with their adoration of my visual celebration. I also refrained from commenting at all on whom I supported politically primarily with only one exception... which I still nearly didn't answer.

Passenger R from last night was that person.

R entered the car after exiting a restaurant in Beverly Hills. He was headed to a hotel nearby.

"What do you think of all this mess? You look so happy and vibrant."
"Oh thank you. I thought that it was a good day to try and be happy. I had to be an adult earlier and things went alright and I was dressed a lot more normal so I figured for this part of being an adult I would be a bit more festive."
"It's a nice touch. Completely. So.. who did you vote for?"
"I want to keep all of my stars so I think its best I not say either way. However I will tell you this- I voted to repeal the death penalty and I am a survivor of a victim of a terrible crime."

At this point he asked about Jess and I told him about things.

"Oh wow. I'm very sorry to hear about your sister. That's incredible that you would vote that way. You don't think that him having the death penalty would be teaching him a lesson?"
"I don't believe that what he did was right in the slightest. I do not think that it's a good thing to teach someone that was wrong by doing the exact same thing that they did that was wrong however. I'm sure that I am likely alone in this thought as my family is very upset about what he did.... as I would expect and I do understand to a degree but... I just want better even though it's very very hard."
"You seem to be a very intelligent young woman. I bet you voted Hillary." 
"I did not." 
"Oh? You didn't like all the corruption?"
"There's a few reasons why I didn't vote for her. One of them is the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997 which completely changed child welfare and made incentive for forced adoptions instead of focusing on reunification of families. I just think of the families that were hurt because of that. I'm sorry. I will shush. I respect whomever you chose as your candidate however. That is the best part about today... it's your choice."

At this point the man before exiting told me that he had been adopted. He stated that although he had done very well for himself he wished things could have been different. He then exited and wished me well on my journey.

There had been other passengers throughout the campaign that had entered my car that were very pro Hillary. I was respectful to each of them. Many of them did not even know I was not a Hillary supporter. Today, however, was a bit different. I was very respectful but mistakenly said that I had not voted for a major party. It was met with a very negative response by a very rushed man headed to Vegas.

But that comes later.

Today there seemed to be quite a few trips out of town. I'm not sure if that was a coincidence or if it was election related. I joked with several passengers today... all the while not saying whom I voted for but simultaneously saying that I was sad about things.

A student at a college and I spoke about how her school was taking things. 

"They're all upset and afraid. They don't know what is going to happen."

This passenger was a person of color. 

We spoke about both major candidates briefly before moving towards conversation about her college ambitions. She was so kind and vibrant and determined to succeed.. regardless of whom was in office. It was extremely refreshing and inspiring even though she said I was.

"The fact that you can think that even with your sister is beautiful."

But I didn't do it for her validation even if it felt really good.

"I don't think it makes me any better. It's just something that I think. I mean I'm also not happy that he never has to do the work that he didn't want to do and was relying on my sister for. He's never going to have to work hard to make sure he has money to eat or a roof over his head. I just don't believe death would be the answer either. It's just.. sad all around."

That beautiful sadness carried through many rides today.

Until B came in. B was going to Vegas and was in a rush. I joked about the exodus being election related and it was lighthearted at first but then.. it was really sour.

Now I hadn't watched the whole election. I ended up going to sleep early around 9pm. I hadn't looked online much to see anything. I was curious how close things had been and the rest of the story. All I knew really was that Hillary had lost and that she had not made a speech afterwards. 

"It was close. It was really close. When she lost Florida it was over. Who did you vote for?"
"I didn't vote for either of them. I voted for a third party. But it's California so..."
"So thankfully your vote didn't matter." he said.

I thought it was a good idea to bring things down to earth again and away from the hostility.

"Ah. I heard that she didn't make a speech after. Was it late? I went to bed early."
"No speech last night. She did one this morning."
"Ah. So... now when do the Supreme Court Justices get put in? There's a few right? And Bader might be retiring from what I heard correct?"
"Retiring or getting bumped off. A few of them probably. Let alone the seats open."
"Oh um... wow. Well here's your gate. I hope you have a nice trip!"

It was a long election cycle. I know that many are upset and going to be upset for awhile. I feel like it's a damned if you do, damned if you don't moment for this country. I'm just going to sit here quietly in my silly little outfits doing a face palm. I just hope this is as bad as it gets. Sadly I know that for at least one of my other driver friends who is a person of color, it hasn't been. Please be kind to each other regardless whom you or the other person voted for. See you on the road everyone!