Jennifer Stavros

Driving Driving Driving

Jennifer Stavros

I drive out of necessity for life. It probably sounds very generic, and, quite frankly, it totally is to an extent. 

Driving started as a way to survive and fight a tremendous battle. It's one that will be talked about a bit more on the Little Mom, Big City page. Driving serves so much more than just funding of that fight however. Driving is a necessity for life.

The people on the journey make the journey. This can be said about most anything really but really does hit a chord in ways that go over and beyond even this.  Some of these stories are just about everyday normal passengers. Some of these are about extraordinary ones. All of them are meaningful. All of them help the days go by faster and help put coins in my pocket.

If you've ever been in my car riding in the city with me, your story may end up here. Make it count.