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Long Beach Fellow Driver Chatter

Jennifer Stavros

It's rather funny to me that my first actual post in my driving stories actually involves another driver but here goes.

Yesterday I was down in Long Beach after a visit with the little dude and turned on the ap as I was about to drive back north when, to my surprise, the passenger of the day was another driver.

As a driver you know who is another driver or at least was a driver by a very specific profile photo with a green background. Of course, when I received the first ping I didn't catch it right away.

I was in a cul de sac turning around and debating going to park myself in a coffee shop to wait for traffic to die down or prime time to start when Miss Leah pinged. It said it was ten minutes away and that's generally a pass for me but... well stories bid writing I suppose and here goes nothing.

I saw a text from her and safely pulled over to read it.

She was at a train station needing pickup just to go a short distance to another train. I decided to call her before heading over there as ten minutes is a bit of a wait and passengers have a habit of cancelling before you even get there when the wait is that long generally. She said it was fine to wait and would see me shortly. She mentioned that she had pink hair and a dress on. Thankfully she'd be easy to spot then.  It was a good thing too because when I arrived I would find out that this was due to some emergency sadly and that there were a bunch of passengers standing around the station waiting for things to die down.

When I arrived we ended up exchanging compliments on hair and then talking about.. work. Oh how Los Angeles it seems huh?

Leah told me that she had been a driver for not quite a year. She said that she absolutely loved it.

Leah said that her vehicle was actually one of the oldest cars out there as she barely got in with the yearly requirements. She is a full time driver with many many stories.

I asked her whom was her best fare and she told me that she had previously had the pleasure of driving the mayor of Long Beach whom is a rideshare supporter. I told her my favorite fare (to be written about later) and she told me that... well there's a house that's involved in that story that actually happens to be down in Long Beach that I didn't know about but would have loved to have talked to that person about.

Leah also writes stories about her adventures. She is a bit more bold than I have been in fares thus far and even gets pictures with them. I've only got a picture and video of two passengers so far but who knows what may happen as this blog evolves. I wish I had made the jump to ask her for a photo but alas, I didn't so the photo in this edition is that of her driving profile.

Another great element that Leah does in her rides is allows passengers to write notes in a book where she will give them a penny for their thoughts. It's a really rad concept that this scribble writer is a little bummed she didn't think of too.

The last thing that Leah and I got to talk about was a great spot to check out in Long Beach that has tasty nibbles. It sounds about right that she might be in the know given her love for tasty treats.

It was a great little ride and I'm glad I got to meet one of the Long Beach crew as hopefully I will be around there more often again soon if the apartment search going on has anything to do with it. There really do need to be a few more meetups for the crew down there as she's the first that I have met thusfar even with going to some of the events around Los Angeles.

That said, go follow Leah and her driving adventures on Twitter and hopefully you can also exchange awesomes already! Go on you know you want to!

Leslie Lay- Fellow Lyft Driver

Leslie Lay- Fellow Lyft Driver