Jennifer Stavros

A Paid Ride to the Game

Jennifer Stavros
A Paid Ride to the Game

Baseball season is the best season.

Baseball season is an embedded love for me. You'll notice me writing about it quite a bit more as the season progresses.

Since the season opening home game for the Dodger's was yesterday I thought a post about something last season might be apt.

Last season I was driving as well.

In fact my Dodger spirit was along for the ride then before she got scooted over for Buddah too... but that comes later. Wait for the upcoming Little Girl, Big City post titled "The Tao of Boo."

On one of the game days last year I had a curious human passenger.

Juan was young and full of sparkle. When he got in my bright Dodger Blue car he shined bright. He was also wearing his Dodger Blues. I immediately thought that I had found a new friend. 

"Hey there Dodger fan. How are you? Where can I take you today?"

"Well.. are you ready for the game today?"

"It's time for Dodger's Baseball!" I said in my best Vin Scully voice.

I was also decked out in my Dodger's gear. You see, that day I was actually going to be going to the game and meeting up with my dad and other and was thinking it would be about time to sign off when I decided to just take one more ride.

"Well great you can bring me to work then."

"Wait you work for the team?"

Juan showed me his badge. He was legit official.

This was... baller status in so many ways to me. You see, my dad has wanted me to get a job with a local team since practically forever. Sadly it hasn't happened yet much to his chagrin. There's still a part of me that would love to work for one of the teams... likely in social or some other form of writing. The pay however has been a barrier to entry.

"Oh wow how rad. We should be friends. My dad would probably love for me to have your job. Do you love it?"

He did.

We chatted a bit about baseball and how we were excited to be a part of the energy.

"The pay might not be the greatest but it's one of the greatest jobs ever."

As we got closer the energy kept rising. 

"You know, not to be weird but I totally have tickets and am going to the game today. Thanks for the paid ride to go where I was already going."

Juan laughed.

"Well if you have seats in reserve or at least go to that gate I'll see you up there."

I dropped him off at the top of the hill.

"Enjoy the game and thanks so much for the ride."

"And to you as well. See in about an hour at the gate... I'll be there with my kid and dad who will ask me to bug you about getting a job there too."

"Ha. See you in a bit."

And he did. But damn if that wasn't a great way to make my way to the game that day last season. Here's hoping there are a few more rides like that too.

Boo knows

Boo knows