Jennifer Stavros

Food Matters

Jennifer Stavros
Food Matters

Los Angeles just has way too many great options.

A couple of weeks ago I was chatting with a friend outside of rideshare and she'd mentioned about how I seem to be very food oriented. As a Yelp Elite of 5 years I guess she might know a few things. Naturally when on a recent fare and discussing things, that topic inevitably came up.

Annie W was the gal of the evening. She and her friend visiting from New York chatted a bit with me about their journey here.

Annie came to Los Angeles because of a friend of mine...

"Hey is that a Homer Buddah?"


"I have one of those too. I got it from Lootcrate!"

"I work at Lootcrate."

"Oh? Do you happen to know..."

readers may know of him for his roles across the web in various cosplay shoots (primarily as Eric from the Little Mermaid) or perhaps you might know him from his cameos in the Lootcrate magazines or maybe you know of him from Xprize. Annie came out here to work at Xprize with Leo.

Annie has been here for a bit now and still works over there even though Leo does not. She's been here about 7 months now. She isn't a cosplayer but she does know a thing or two about Los Angeles culture and dating. Annie talked to me about Bumble and Okcupid and encouraged me to explore both of them.

"Well maybe. I kind of have... well it's complicated."

I told her that I have a section on here about that... about the tales on Once Loved. I did appreciate the heads up though and...

"Mexican or Ramen?" her friend asked?

I laughed. I changed the conversation back to their experiences here.

Annie told me about how much she loved Venice and food there.

"Venice Poke over on the Boardwalk is open until 3am. You should try it. It's bomb."

Annie and her friend said that there really isn't anywhere that compares out here to get a bagel but.. Los Angeles is still pretty great about food.

"There's too many places to eat here. Just like New York."

Oh Los Angeles... I love how passengers agree. Food matters. It's all about the connection shared after all.