Smells like trouble

Saturday nights are fun!

(*See also: Four Rides Too Many*)

One fun one from that night was a woman 5 minutes from me. She called immediately when I received her request and asked if I was coming and how long it would take. She said that she had several drivers cancel on her already. I told her politely that I was 5 minutes away and that she could watch me in the ap as I approached her. She was happy and I continued on to her. 

As I was stopped at the light about to turn to pick her up she calls again asking where I am. She seemed annoyed as if I had done something terrible. I told her I was around the corner and would be there in a moment.

She gets in my car and it was like a bottle of booze was poured all over the air. She reeked of it. Ok no big deal that's what I'm there for. On the way to destination we go.

Five minutes into the ride she asks me how long it will take to get to her destination. I tell her and it's quiet until five minutes later (It was a 15 minute ride). She was sounding very annoyed yet again. How dare I take any time to get to and from where I was going. As I dropped her off I could tell why someone might not have wanted to give her a ride. Yay for Saturday nights I guess though... Oh how it is to live and love in a big city.