Don't Rain on the Rainbow

A disapointing comment about the weather was entirely disappointing.

Yesterday the world was a bit quieter after the news came forward that fifty people were shot dead due to their sexual preference. The internet was a buzz of commentary. It was not surprising that it would end up in my car as well. However, the timing of this particular comment was very frustrating.

Things started off pretty calm. It was a ride in the Hollywood hills coming down to the epicenter. The sky had been dreary all morning but it had finally opened up to sunshine. The threesome that entered my car were dressed to the nines.  They looked pumped to start their late afternoon in the wild.

"You look fabulous!" I said as they entered the car.

"Thanks!" they said as they shuffled into the car.

"It's so hot now..." they added.

"Yeah the sun finally came out. It's nice. It was so dreary all morning." I replied.

"It's because those people all chose to die today so they screwed up the weather. The whole sky... and we all had to deal with it." one of the passengers aid.

The car laughed. I was just agape.

"So how's your day today?" the same passenger asked.

"Well... 50 people died today and joined my sister for a senseless tragedy and then some guy got in my car and thought to make a joke about it so... it could be a bit better I guess."

The car got quiet for a moment. Two of the men in the car were actually gay or at least partially gay. It was quiet for about two minutes before the trio continued on about their shallow conversations.

"So and so did this. So and so did that."

"... and we're going to fuck all over the house... Ah ah ah ah ahhhh..."

"Did you hear about Erik?"

"Let's take a selfie together so they can talk about that fierce couple."

At the end of the ride they attempted to make things up. They apologized about the comment and said that they were just trying to do their best to laugh a bit. 

"I cried earlier. I just don't know what to make of it." the passenger who'd made the comment said.

"It's a senseless tragedy. One that could have been prevented if we as a society embraced love." I said.

 The car agreed. They apologized and said their farewells.

I really wish I had ejector seats sometimes.