Art is a Personal Journey

Yesterday's ride featured a very quiet secret artist.

Rider Christie shared with me on our short ride from Culver City to an atm and then [redacted until later] about her journey across the country. The conversation started casually and made a few changes.

"It's such a beautiful day today." I said to her.

"Yes it is. I'm still getting used to it always being like this."

"Oh? Where are you from?"


We chatted a bit about Chicago and the burbs. I'm not exactly sure if she's from the city itself or a suburb too but...

"I've lived here three years. I never thought I'd live in LA. I just got tired of NY. It was too much. We came out here for a minute and just haven't left yet. How about you?"

I told her about my journey coming here briefly.

About coming originally for art and then.. having a baby. About living in San Diego and then moving to LA after my husband abused me... about turning back here and continuing my journey in art and writing and scribbles including this very textbox...

"Art is really important."

"It is. My family hasn't been very supportive about it. My grandmother was an artist. She was the best thing ever. Is your family supportive about your art? Do you work in a creative field?"

She didn't. I'm not sure what exactly she does or doesn't do to pay bills honestly.

"I don't talk about it much. My family didn't get it either."

I asked her the difference between the cities with regards to art. She didn't tell me her opinion on Chicago but she did share about New York.

"LA people are weird about their art. It's different than out there. LA people are very status oriented and particular. It's just..."

We then arrived to her final destination. It was to coffee shop with a flower name in Venice.

"Have a beautiful day." 

Was it to work on a secret art project? We may never know. However I'm forever thankful for the few words exchanged yesterday and wish her well on her personal art journey... whether it makes her money or not.

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