Crush Time

You never forget your first. 

Jared wasn't going far but he went pretty far back with his conversation. 

"Jennifer was the name of my first crush."  he said. 

"Oh? Um hello? How's your day today Jared?" I said with a laugh as he got into the car. 

"Yeah I'm sorry.  I'm not trying to weird you out but I was talking to my brother and we were talking about old memories and when I saw your name,  it made me think of that." 

"I hope it's a nice memory.  Heh." 

"It was. Sometimes it's really good to remember. Regardless of the outcome. It's about the experiences."

We talked further about memories and sentiment and the beauty of the past no matter what happens. He asked me about my present and I spoke a bit about how it was just me and that I was going through my own portion of remembering a loss where I really just hope things could have been different but...

"Well I'm sorry to hear."

"I'm not. At the end of the day I just want everyone to be happy. That's what love is after all right? Love is remembering the good and the bad and all of the in between."

Jared agreed.

My ride with Jared yesterday was very short but sweet. It was endearing to be "remembered" fondly. It's all anyone could hope for at all after all.  

And now... onto the next passenger and story. Here's hoping that it's as memorable as this one was.  

Happy Memorial Day rideshare passengers and drivers. Be well.