Not Jesse's Girl

But he would have loved me to be... at least... for a night or three thousand.

Remember how I told you there were a bunch of creepers out last weekend? Well one tried to creep past.

It was about 4am and I was taking Jesse home. He got in the car and was quiet. I mirrored this. It's what you do with passengers anyway.

As we start to go he starts asking me about my night. It is fairly normal at this point. I just thought it was friendly.

We entered further into dialogue about human behavior. About this very thing going on. About how we both worked in realms where paying attention to these cues and details is instrumental to our positions.

He worked at a bar in security. He was ending his night finally. He apologized that I had been dealing with creeps all night. 

Again, none of this is surprising dialogue. None of this is making me think the dude is going to be super weird. It was innocent then.

Add to it that I had worked all day moving things around and was not really at my Sunday morning finest looks wise and... well you get the idea.

We ended up talking about our relationships beyond friendships. About how we had both had not great experiences with life and were in chrysalis stages. It was refreshing. I told him about how difficult it is for me to connect with people as I view myself to be a sapiosexual. I made it very very clear, however, that my eyes were not focused on anything romantic or otherwise. My eyes were focused on work and my young son.

At the end of the ride Jesse dropped his card. He seemed kind enough then. I texted him after the ride on my Google Voice (because if you have my real real number then there's some noteworthy reason) thanking him for not being a creeper.

Now I had also made it very clear that I was not on the market even though I had no committed "other" currently. He claimed to have gotten it.

Clearly he did not.

Over the week it was calm back and forth. He checked in on me every so often asking me how rides had been, etc. I thanked him for his kindness and dialogue. I also told him that I would not be hanging out with him outside of my car or outside of a well lit area. Again, he seemed well aware of it.  Hell we had even talked briefly about Stars too...

And then Saturday, a week after his previous ride, he texted me again asking me to hang out after he was done at work. I told him this was not appropriate and that that was the hour of a booty call, which, I was not going to do. He then made it very clear that his intentions were to be physical with me. 

At this point I told him the following geeky response. It was only natural after all.

"I'm sorry but your princess is in another castle."

Oh rideshare... you keep trying to set me up some nights but... no I shan't be Jesse's Girl.. even if I'm sometimes told I'm a woman wanted like that.

Stay tuned for more rideshare city driving stories here on Little Girl, Big City. Until then, please be safe.