No Show Insanity Showing

Please please do not go crazy if you aren't where you're supposed to be on time.

It was a bit of a day yesterday. Tuesdays are notorious for being my off days but not for the bad passenger reason. I'm thankful to say that I don't tend to have many of these stories on most days. 

I was veered towards downtown on a Lyft Line (the carpool option) and picking up a few fares for the morning when I got a ping with passenger C. I went to get C down a street that has a few apartment buildings currently under construction. There aren't a lot of places (read: none) to pull over curbside. I had to make due with a less than desirable spot. No big deal.

I put my hazards on and waited the time for C to appear. Now with the Line option the passenger has only a certain amount of time to get to the car or they can be charged a service fee and we are able to drive away. Most passengers are really good about getting to you, or, at very least, will help you and do their best to be kind.

I got a phone call from C. I answered to hear nothing. I looked around the area to see if I could see him. I didn't see him. 

A text came in. It was C asking where I was. I answered that I was by where he had designated pickup. I didn't see him at all. I now had cars behind me getting upset about the hazards. The timer was done. I looked one more time and didn't see him. I hit no show on the ride and was about to drive off when...

I saw C running towards the car. The ap had timed out and hadn't cancelled the ride yet. This is the awkward moment every driver dreads. I just didn't know just how much I was going to dread it.

As a courtesy I unrolled my window halfway and locked my doors. I told the guy that unfortunately since he hadn't been at his pin and the time had run out that he had to re-request. He didn't take it well.

"What the fuck? No fucking way you fucking bitch. Fuck you!"

"I'm sorry."

I politely told him it was out of my hands but that wasn't good enough. I started to roll the window up and drive away now that traffic was calming down again. He wasn't calm though.

I heard a boom and looked to the side. He'd thrown a cup of some juice or something at my car as he left. Cool.

So that was my Tuesday morning. How was yours? For more rideshare stories, you can feel free to tune in again to Little Girl, Big City. For now, it's back to the road to gather more stories for you. Ta ta for now.