Downey and Out

I just can't get down with a downer even if they are allegedly a "Queen."

Saturday night a couple of Saturdays ago was a peach. I got a ride request out in Pico Rivera to Downey by someone named Queen. She'd requested and cancelled multiple times before the ride finally went through. I kind of wish I hadn't had the experience to write about.

"Queen" as her name proclaimed even was indeed a queen class act in the most sarcastic way possible. Now I want to state that I barely spoke to her other than the kind hello greeting and ensuring that she was comfortable with temperature, etc. There hadn't been any negative vibes towards me with this ride thankfully.

Queen and her friend were talking about school and men. It was nothing majorly exciting or otherwise thrilling. I just sat up front and quiet. But then it got petty...

"I want to marry a Cosmetologist who will fix my lips and pay my bills and be a plastic surgeon." Queen said.
"Bitch that's not a plastic surgeon, that's a guy that does nails..." the other girl said.

They laughed.

In the front of the car I was puking in my mouth a little. I just smiled and remained focused on the road. I didn't move my eyes from there as I twirled my hair.

As I drove they started talking about their destination.

"How do people even live out here in Downey? Nothing is even out here..."

"They sell drugs. That's all. They're trash and they sell drugs."

They laughed again.

I quietly drove them to their final destination and thanked them for their patronage. It was a bummer. They were such vapid downers. 

Bonus round: their destination was in Downey

For more rideshare stories, feel free to tune in here on Little Girl Big City. There's more than just these Queen B... like Britney and Iggy from this shot from Vice (minus the as pretty) to hear about. Until then, be well even if you are down or Downey and out on the road. Cheers!