First, Last, Ben

It was a tale about time that... never happened or possibly did.

"How is your day?" he asked upon entering the car.
"It's just starting. I'm slacking."
"Oh am I your first ride?"
"No but you may be my last. It really depends on how I feel after this is done. That's part of the beauty of this job."

And we talked a bit more about that.

Little did I know at that time that my dialogue with a gentleman named Benjamin Foster that I would....

He ended up exchanging stories with me... as sometimes passengers frequently do.

Ben is working on a project dear to his heart. It's got its depth and... sucks time and life and perspective out of him. You can see more about his project called Synkhole by clicking the name.

Ben was a fantastic soul who has so much charisma and energy it's just humbling being around. The guy is a radiant glittering star. I know that sounds cheesy as anything but I'm telling you.. this man is conversation gold. Coincidentally he also had some parallel personality wise to a person in another blog who has been referred to as Stars... but I won't get into the reasons why.

Ben and I parted ways on a happy note of intellectual high fives and understanding. Nearly immediately following I did end up taking the last ride of the day for a bit... and I headed alone to brunch with a certain tasty nibble of eggs and pulled pork suiting of a Ben(edict). I even ended up joking about it with some new friend I made earlier that day.

I guess some stories are not about where you're going but about where you've...

How was your weekend? Did you rideshare? For these and more stories, stay tuned over here at Little Girl, Big City. See you on the road maybe? Cheers and Mighty Monday!