Traffic Issues and Council

Because some things get so aggravating that it actually motivates you to go to a city council meeting eventually.

Passenger Stephanie is not a fan of the 10 entrance off National in her neighborhood of Palms.

"It's really bad. There used to be two lanes to get onto the freeway but they closed one because there was a pedestrian and.."

For those that aren't familiar with it- the area of town she's talking about is in the Palms neighborhood of Los Angeles. It is an area where the street National is split several times and there is an entrance to the 10 freeway. It's a known headache for many that are familiar with the area... especially Stephanie.

"It's so bad that I actually ended up talking to an engineer about it. I am not political either but I'm going to a city council meeting Monday about this. It will be boring I'm sure but.."

Stephanie and I talked about the history of Los Angeles a bit. There is so much history in its transition to what it is now. Even with all the several layers of evolution however, things like this regularly happen with traffic and such around the city.

If you're like Stephanie and want to get your voice heard at the meeting, you can find out more at their website where they're discussing the Transportation and Infrastructure Meeting, you can find out more here.

Does anything about the commute bother you enough to go to a meeting like this? Let me know.  Maybe call me and let me know if I can give you a Lyft in the city I love with code CITYLOVE.