Another City.. Maybe?

Because you have to figure out where happiness will lead you... and that might not be here.

Ishmael hadn't rode Lyft (or any rideshare service) yet. He'd had a flat tire and didn't feel like taking the bus and decided to take a chance. I'm glad he did.

You see there was something beyond ish about sir Ishmael. He was trying to figure everything out. He was very upfront about it.

Ish told me a little bit about his adventure to beyond the warehouse job he was going to...

"I have options. My family wants me to move to Colorado but my father..."

You see... Ish had a bit of a difficult journey himself. He'd been burned by family and had been disconnected from some due to unfortunate circumstances too. I wish I didn't know anything about the pain and hardship shared but... well those who have followed the story on the Little Mom, Big City know a little bit about that...

"My father and I haven't really had a relationship in years. My family got a divorce and I think my dad is a good man and I want to get to know about him. He lives in Mexico. He has a ranch."
"That's a huge difference than here in LA. What do you think about that?"

Ish told me a story about how things are going and how he's trying to figure it out.

I offered to try and connect him with Lootcrate- a beloved company owned by a friend that I've been fortunate enough to work with. I encouraged him to go win his interview.  I also, however, encouraged him to do what's ultimately best for him... whatever that may be.

Mr Ish was a good man. He's a sweet gent that I'm humbled to have exchanged stories with. He's in transition and trying to find his happy. 

Have you found yours? Where was it? What was it? Let me know.

For more stories about the city though, please stay tuned. Perhaps one of these days it will be yours. Want to find out? Some say that fortune favors the bold... use code CITYLOVE for some first time Lyft magic and... do share your story with a driver that might even be me. See you on the road loves!