Two Separate Joined Roads

Because sometimes it's two too many.

Last week I had a ride with a woman headed to the airport. She wasn't just headed out of town though. She was headed to another step on the journey. It was a much needed pause after a long journey she'd finally left.

But that didn't come into view until nearly the end of our drive.

"Omg your nails are gorgeous!"
"Thank you. I just had them done." I told her.
"You're so wonderfully colorful!" she exclaimed.

When she'd walked in the car I would not have thought I would be having this conversation. It caught me off guard a bit just like the actor last week and the other connection linked by the number 2...

We talked about nails. We talked about colors. We talked about... the differences from our families and where we grew up to how things were and are now in our busy lives living in Los Angeles.

"My family doesn't think like that."
"Mine neither. That's why I left. I can't stand it over there."
"Is that where you're going?"
"Yes but only for a minute. It's just to get away and take a time out."

She hadn't told me what exactly hers was for when I pulled out my Scribble Diary.

"I drew this this morning after a phone call..."

She looked at it and smiled.

"I love it!"

And while that was a nice thought and such, the next part was not. Because no one should ever want anyone else to relate to what we did there...

"Mine was two years. It was finally time to stop that. How long was yours?" she asked.
"Same. A little more but technically less than that too..."
"Two years too many..."

We both nodded.

There was a moment of silent acknowledgement.

"Hey... good for you for being out of that." we both said.

And in that moment it was just... nice.  It was a car with two women who were on journeys of self. It was a car full of... adventure and... promise.

"He said I have so much potential..." I told her.
"You do. So do I. Now it's time we both got it." she said as she exited and went to get her luggage.
"Stay colorful darling!" she said and waved goodbye.

And I smiled and she waved... and we both didn't need to pretend that it was ok even if we might have had to pretend it was ok... because it was really going to be ok and even better regardless of what happened next.

For more stories of journeys with passengers and more, tune in here for City Driving Stories or sometimes Once Loved stories or... maybe something else.  Whatever it is, have a good one. I'll see you on the road or on the pages soon.  Namaste.