Little Girl, Big in Japan Toys

My passport needs some stamps to my favorite foreign country already.

Two of my passengers from this week are both getting theirs soon however.  Their locations are the same and... a very very enviable one at that.

One passenger earlier this week was a Japanese businessman with a very traditional Japanese name that I will call H.  

H lives way up in the valley and also... Japan.  He told me in our very long ride to the airport that he actually is there two weeks a month and two weeks here a month.  Needless to say he has a ton of airline miles.

"You like Japan too?" he asked immediately as he got into my car.  

My car has a few Japanese trinkets scattered around it.  I do enjoy my Japanese connections.  I knew immediately that we would get along marvelously. And we did.

"I very much do as you can see."

We talked about some of the items in my car.  Daruma. Maneki neko. And then there would also be my favorite... but that comes later and makes the cross intersection between that gentleman and one named Michael today who is going on his trip there soon.

We exchanged stories about the connections to these Japanese symbols. Of the tradition and beauty of these items in even now modern culture.  We talked about these and cranes and... his recent Japanese wedding.

"Would you like to see?" he asked.

I was delighted to see photos of this gorgeous occasion with traditionally dressed kimono clad participants. It was ever so beautiful.

"Her name is Mei." he told me. 
"And what does she think about your travels? Where is she when you're going back and forth?"
"She's in Japan now. She's very patient and understanding."

I took a deep breath.

"I have many paper cranes to fold." I said with a laugh.

He smiled.  We talked some more.  About art and food and so many wonderful Japanese things.  I was ever so honored and happy to have this ride. He told me quite a bit.  And then, I brought out my favorite part... Fuchico.

"This is my current favorite thing right now from Japan." I said as I pulled out a tiny figure from my purse.
"Oh! Fuchico! Yes I know it. They're everywhere."

We chatted a bit about the phenomenon of Fuchico and how it's currently my goal to get all of them.  I dared ask him if on one of his journeys he might be willing to oblige to send some to my post box.  He didn't say no and we exchanged contact information before he got on his flight.  If I get one or some sent to me, I have no idea.  I was happy enough just to chat about them.  

Today I got to chat about them again.  

Passenger Michael is heading over there soon.  He's been there before.  He also dug my Japanese friends in the car.

In our short ride we talked about his love for the culture and the food and the figures.  I asked him if he had heard about Fuchico.  He hadn't.

"Omg those are amazing!"

We smiled and exchanged information.  Who knows if I will receive any mail love there but... it's nice to be a tourist from afar thanks to a couple of passengers.

Where will the next adventure take you? Will you be local or hanging out in my favorite not yet visited country too?  I hope to see you soon and exchange stories.  Domo arigato gozaimasu.