Key to a New City

Not everything that's wonderful is hidden.

I decided to take a trip out of Los Angeles to another city for a moment to gain coins and some additional perspective. It's been a blast here and I mean that in both a good and not sure way.

There is much history surrounding and within this city. It's there for the taking but only for those brave enough to go find it... even if all of it is not hidden.

"I made the decision to come up here less than 24 hours ago. I've only been here before for tech conferences and such. I haven't explored the city much since then. It's been years. Even then I didn't have a car." I told my first passenger.

I have not been here 24 hours yet*

*Note: I started this Thursday

and haven't taken nearly enough pictures (read: none really since I got to the city itself) and... it's just... 

There is much history surrounding and within this city.

One of my first passengers- John was telling me that San Francisco was almost as old as his former home of Boston. He followed this with a bit more commentary about how he doesn't foresee himself leaving and a bit more. Little did I know, I would determine some of this very thing for myself too. At least for a little while.

Passengers in San Francisco have been much different than Los Angeles.  I'm pretty sure that I will be writing two different books about them. I'd mentioned that I was travelling and writing. John was happy to converse about the journey.

John and I exchanged stories about Los Angeles and San Francisco hidden gems.  He knew some things here. I knew some things there. It was a nice tango of words and story exchange. But then he told me about an art project that was for exploring the city on the east coast.  

"The project is called Key to the City and was run by Creative Time and was all about those special gems."

I became fascinated at his explanation. A finders game for grown ups? A hide and go seek with history and magic and...

"That sounds delightful!" I exclaimed.

The rest of the conversation was just as magical. I had an understanding about a new project and fuel for my own here in this new city.

"How long are you here for? When do you go back to LA?"
"Well, that's complicated." I said begrudgingly.
"Complicated? Why?"
"Well... I came up here because of some major traumas I experienced recently. I came up here to see another color red* and..."
"It's for another time. Just know that it was very dark and I needed to leave to gain some perspective and not think about things while... thinking about things."
"So... do you want to go back?"
"Yes. Yes I do. I'm not done with LA just yet."
"Why is that?"
"Well. A friend of mine has a home there and he said I could help him with things and I was talking to him about chickens..."
"I used to have chickens."
"Oh really?"

And just like that there we were talking about urban chickens.

I dropped John off in the Height Ashbury district.  I'd heard tales about hippies and revolution.

"This is where it all began way back when."
"Will I run into any hippies out here?"

John laughed.

"Probably. You should write about them. Good luck with it and have fun!" he said with a smile as he exited.

The key to a new city and new page began this week on a whim and a very particular note. It appears that I might be exactly where I'm supposed to be... but that too is another story.*

For more adventures and tales and keys to the city (from my perspective or about others), you can follow along here.  Some may be stories from Los Angeles. Some may be stories from San Francisco. All of the stories here are for the world because the key to any city is the stories within it.  Come join me for more another time? Stay tuned on Little Girl Big City.

Photo by Frank Anzalone

Photo by Frank Anzalone