Jennifer Stavros

In Spring Your Ship Will Come

Jennifer Stavros
In Spring Your Ship Will Come

Perhaps I'm being a bit optimistic but I really want to believe that's what is happening.. in more ways than just one.

I found this card stuffed in a bag and nearly forgotten yesterday. It's lovely and reminiscent of a beautiful memory of a Spring or Summer day happy and in love. The pair look as the ship comes in.

Did the moment pass them? Are their eyes too busy looking at something else in the distance? The sunshine? The glimmer of something shiny across the void?

But he looks straight at the boat.

Does he believe?

Is she afraid?

Is the ship already passed them or is it moving towards them?

Is the ship sailing a representation of what is to come or of a missed opportunity?

The card speaks of a transatlantic adventure but is it one of the heart and soul?

Will the pair move and flow together or will they go their separate ways?

She is poised and ready. 

Perhaps that is the optimism and strength coming in as he sits and looks on at a past unsure of how to proceed. Regardless of whether the ship has sailed past or is moving forward into their view I believe it's important to take it all in and remember that she is ready and holding strong. That she is prepared and doesn't need the validation of anyone to have that... even if it is just silly notes granting it from near and afar.

That's the grace I want to embody.

The unwavering strength to be ok regardless of the outcome of standing up or standing down... to remain still standing.

How do you interpret this card?

Please let me know.