Sick hairs

Because pulling hairs is totally fine right?

This weekend I got really really sick. It was the physical vomit kind of sick.

I was meeting a friend at a gas station not far from where I'd just helped out with a demo. It had been a long day. I had been on my feet nearly 7 hours straight sampling tasty juice to the masses down in Orange County when suddenly I was just really really sick.

I got out of my car at the gas station waiting for my friend and felt physically ill. I threw up in the gas station garbage receptacle and then laid down in the middle median, away from traffic or anyone, for a second to catch my breath.

An officer approached me and then grabbed me by the hair and started yelling at me. He said that I was sick and that he needed to call paramedics to the scene. I told him no I was completely fine and I was just sick and to leave me alone.. that it was ok. He didn't care to hear anything. I then told him that I wanted to speak to my attorney and told the officer the name. I asked for the officer's name but he refused to give it.

He then said I was being detained. I asked why. He said it was because I was sick and needed a paramedic. I said that was unnecessary and that things were fine.

The paramedic shows up and then made some joke about maybe I needed some sort of hold on me. I said that there is no grounds for that and that I am just feeling physically ill. I need to go home and eat and then sleep it off. I again asked for my attorney and also, my phone. The officer refused. The officer then proceeded to go through all of my things and was not apologetic about it. I told him I had just gotten done with work and was just physically ill. 

The officer didn't care.

My friend ended up showing up and backed me up that I was fine and just sick. This friend speaks very little English. The officer finally decided this was time to leave me alone and left. I never got his name.

I have a big spot on my head from where this officer pulled my hair. It doesn't seem to matter. I contacted La Habra PD to report the officer and they won't even give me his name. They are telling me that I have to file some complaint and that they will mail it to me but that I may not ever get his name.

I asked several times when is it ever appropriate to pull someone's hair and the reporting officer repeatedly said "never" but I still felt no reassurance that anything was going to happen to this officer.

Please explain to me how this is justice? Please explain how someone can get sick and have all of this happen like nothing? It's beyond appalling where our "justice" system is now. This is heartbreaking.