Love, Juice, and Philosophical Balance

And a tale of an intersection with a lovable inadvertently philosophical stranger.

I want to tell you about something good that happened recently. There was something very kind that happened while out and about. It was a bit far from Los Angeles. In fact, it was almost home to San Diego again.

I was assisting with doing some demo work for an organic juice company for a hot minute. My journey seeking the perfect not freelance job resulted in some freelance adventuring nearly to my favorite place where I hope will not be freelance anymore.

San Clemente Hansen's was the spot of the day. It's quite a drive from my current spot. However, it was one of the best experiences I had though in the short days of demo work.

While I was there I met a gentleman with a familiar name. Thankfully this name did not invoke a memory like the ones that I have sadly had other times I have encountered this name.

He wandered in with goofy pants and a disheveled look paired with a grin. He juggled a piece of fruit and talked about balance. I asked him his name.

He said "iLove."
"iLove what?"
"iLove Andre. That's what they call me."

I had to admit that it was a pretty nice name. It's a pretty nice sentiment. 

"So what brings you here? What is your story?" I asked him.

He told me that he was a traveler and a vagabond.

"Have you ever?"

I nodded.

"There was a time where I was happy to vagabond and drift. It has long since been over. But.. please.. do tell if you like. I want to hear more."

iLove told me about his journey from Idyllwild to Encinitas. He had been to Joshua Tree and then ended up with a gentleman who was working delivering produce and butter to the store. The other gentleman walked by and added some commentary telling me how they ended up together. 

"He just showed up at my door one day. I opened up my door and there was a guitar and him. That was two weeks ago. He's been with me ever since."

The gentleman went back to work. He had come down to deliver some produce and butter. It was all organic and handcrafted. He said that he had been doing his business and travelling for a couple of years. He was quiet but the synergy below the surface on a subtle level could be understood without words.

I looked at iLove again. He was balancing and toying with some fruit.

"Fruit is the best teacher. They're always balanced."

These little isms were many through the little time he spent sampling the organic juices I had. I wondered what else would come out of his mouth and how people might react to him. This was a character that was not made for everyone even if he should be.

"Everyday is the best day... is the first day." another customer said as he came in. It was.. absolutely refreshing. 

And then iLove said something else...

"How do you feel about... doubt?"

It was quiet. I pondered.

Curiously this was the time where he needed to leave. I didn't get a chance to respond.

"On the way to Encinitas we go! It was nice meeting you Jena. Be well and have a great day!"

On these days...

On many days to come I hope...

this memory and little bit of love and spirit...

as cheesy as it sounds...

the butter and organic care that go into this level of lacking indifference goes so so so far.

Here's hoping that in reflection of everything going on... with the death of a hero like Elie Wiesel, that that notion can carry on within me and everywhere a little piece by piece balanced and true like nature in nature evermore.

Love always (or aspiring to aim to be),