Easter Freedom

But it wasn't the entire free I wish it was even if it didn't completely suck.

This week has been extremely rough. Things with Jonas are still very very scary.  He was injured recently and I've not been able to contact him beyond finding out that he was in Vegas unexpectedly.

But that's another story for another section...

This past weekend however was Jackie Robinson weekend. My bestie and I were going to go to the game and go see the statue go up but didn't end up there.  I need to catch up on some car bills considering I've lost time with working on these not fun matters over... there and there.

I was bummed that I hadn't yet made it to a baseball game this season.  Baseball is kind of the best time. It's the free time. It's a time honored family time. But that's even dimmer this year than it has been from the last one which was... filled with joy as well as tragedy.


On Saturday I caught a post first from another driver stating he had tickets to the game for Sunday.  It was a free opportunity so I finally caved and said it was time.

I'm glad I did.

Sunday was a free day up high in the double D section of Dodger stadium. It was a good day for a ball game and company with my best friend of almost a decade now.

As we were walking in, I realized that this was at least part of a tradition that was consistent.  Every first attending game of the season has been paired up with him. It was one silver lining piece that shined through.

Below you'll see a few of the pictures from the day. For being not completely "free" it was not too shabby...