Home is Waiting

And he wants so much to return forever.

I haven't been able to see Jonas in nearly a week. There has been excuses and a lack of solutions...

I've been working really hard to find a home for us after the disaster that lead to separation this round. 

I'm happy to say that I found one.

I've acquired a key to a new journey in Laguna. It's a lovely hideaway far from the hustle bustle of Los Angeles. I'm both nervous about it and excited.

We needed a time out. We needed a new page. We needed an oasis.

It's here.

It's finally here.

This weekend my best friend Windy and I got Jonas bed out of storage again. It was massive and wonderful. My heart filled up with joy... as did Jonas'.

I showed Jonas a picture of his bed and told him about our new home.

He was so excited that he went to gather his stuffed animal friends and grabbed my hand and asked to go home.

My heart is so happy right now. I wish this is a sign of things to come very soon... and so does he.