Hugs hugs virtual hugs to all of you wherever you are.

Well last week was pretty rough as much of this whole nightmare dealing with them has been. I wouldn't wish this fate on my worst enemies. 

My heart aches for all the children of the world out there. Of all the families that are subjected to the nightmares and trauma that are forced on families rather than empathetic and kind and caring reaches of support. This post is about some of that very good part (not through any system forced) that I wish was more rampant.

*Note- I just revived yet another blog I have now because of a statement from a friend and this post. You can look over there on Project Smile Today for more snippets of stuff like this quote from her today and periodically too if you like.*

As some of you may be following, I correspond with people from all over the world

Some of them have sent their messages of support to our humble little family.

I received another one of those messages of support from someone in, dare I say, a worse place than us here... from one of my pen pals who is serving time in prison.

It is truly amazing how much the heart can soar off pages.

Of how far kindness can carry you even in the deepest of hard times.

Know that all of your letters and such mean the world to me. I am so thankful when you send them wherever you do. For now, rather than me to discuss the hard of cancelled visits and more that are part of this horrendous process, I invite you to look at the loving messages that came in recently. 

Have a happy Friday and please remember to be kind to everyone. You know not their path.