This week's outgoing cards:

You may or may not know this, but I keep track of all the cards I send in a notepad on my phone. The reason I get so many cards is partially because of the amount of cards I've sent via Postcrossing.

I hadn't sent postcards per my logs in a bit of time. Things have been a bit of a jumble and frankly I didn't have the stamp money. The stamps are about $1.15 USD for an international card and are $.34 for a domestic card. Postcrossing sometimes pairs me with people in the US and I occasionally will send cards to friends or other professional leads.

I was a bit backlogged with cards with everything going on sending wise. I could have sent more cards today but I'm going to send more next week instead when I send follow ups to the mail I received today as well as any new pen pals I may find to send things out to. If you're reading this blog and want to be one of those pen pals, please drop me a comment and we can coordinate an exchange. It can be postcards or regular mail. I love both just as much if not equally. You could be a stranger or someone I already know. I'm open either way. 

Today I sent nearly 10 postcards to a few different countries. I didn't receive any postcards in the mail today however. I did receive one letter from a pen pal located in New York who I will be responding to shortly.

Here's the list of postcards sent today--

Id: 4108001
Country: Taiwan
Sent: 7.8.16

Id: 4107955
Country: Finland
Sent: 7.8.16

Id: 4107969
Country: Russia
Sent: 7.8.16

Id: 4044584
Country: Belgium
Sent: 7.8.16

Id: 4044587
Country: usa, south Carolina
Sent: 7.8.16

Id: 40445386
Country: Germany
Sent: 7.8.16

Id: 4078250
Country: Netherlands
Sent: 7.8.16

Id: 4107961
Country: Sweden
Sent: 7.8.16