Mail Called Early

Because waiting by the phone or the mail for boy or a gift of a phone bag is something you shouldn't have to wait for.

So... as some of you may know or not. I have a few fans that sometimes send me things that are not even just postcards. I would love more of these as I'm sure that anyone would.

Most of the time, however, since I'm not spending a ton of time investing in this upkeep due to the annoyances involved, it's rather quiet. Instead, my mail is composed of anxiety driven adult mail of several forms, these wonderful postcards, and occasional letters from pen pals in various places.

This morning I went to check my mail and was greeted to a card (which will be uploaded and blogged about in a separate post soon) and a slip that was to pick up at the counter.

Slips to pick up at the counter are great... and beyond scary. Especially with everything going on with Jonas and my other kids.

I was going to Facebook Live the experience as I stood there waiting to find out what it could be but didn't until after the fact. My thoughts raced as I silently panicked. Was it going to be something that would obliterate me or something that would ease the sad or scared or *other things that I regularly carry and process daily?

As my postal carrier returned with the Macy's bag I was met with such a huge sigh of relief.

"Did someone order a bag?" she said with a smile as she handed it to me.

My anxiety immediately dropped and I could relax again. 

"Yes!!!! It wasn't supposed to be here until next week! Whew!"
"Are you ok Jena?"
"Yeah. Better now. You know.. it wasn't the adult mail I would not want to get usually... I was a little nervous about that."
"It's understandable. Is there anything else I can get you?"
"Some scissors. I need to get this out and start using my new favorite bag already."

She handed me scissors as I smiled. I ended up Facebook Live broadcasting the aftermath. Next up would be unpacking the other purse and putting things into this new one... but that one is going to be another blog going up on Invisible Me so stay tuned here on Little Girl Big City for these silly stories of mail madness, philosophical self battles and internal monologues, the follies of being a mother and sometimes also a lover, of whimsical dreams and adventures in being a Little Girl in a Big City, of prose or other personal writing spaces, of Scribbles in simple but complex forms, and city driving stories...

However... if you're ever inclined to want to send me something awesome, send me a message and let me know what you might have in mind.  Maybe it's something on my wishlist or maybe it's something else entirely. Please please please just make it happy and fantastic and not anxiety ridden, mkay? Until then, I'm going to unpack my old one and put things in this super cute favorite purse of mine while I wait for you to get something else for me. kkthanxbai 

Ps- Yes that phone handle actually works and when you call me there's a chance that I might answer and talk to you through that headset. Hehehe ok glowing moment over now. Time to blog one more thing and then hit the road for more writing material and hopefully go look at an apartment. Exciting things I know right?) Cheers and Happy Saturday loves <3 xoz