Taped Out

And then there's restrictions on top of restrictions.

I started writing a new pen pal recently who is in IL. She was put behind bars at a very tender age and is doing a sentence that is about a quarter of a century. In her first response letter she told me a little bit about what it is like being there and how it has shaped her future and career goals. 

You would be happy to know that the letters with women in this unfortunate circumstance are surprisingly filled with much insight and perspective. 

Now the educational backgrounds and life placements of the women I write including this youngest one are varying. Nonetheless, there is so much that can be learned from all of them.

D told me about her love for Japanese things and so I found some cute paper from Daiso and wrote her a brief little letter about a month ago. Unfortunately when I checked my mail this morning, I found out that it had been returned due to the tape on the back used to close it. I'm now wondering if the other letter I sent using that type of envelope arrived or will be returned and marked refused as well.

I suppose I'll be resending it today in a normal envelope when I send my normal batch of postcards. I have many of those to update. Keep your eyes out and I'll post them here and there.

Hope you are having a most lovely day.