A vow for more letters

Starting positively is positive.

As I got into a bit in my blog on my Invisible Me section entitled "After it All" I mentioned some goals for the year.  One of those goals was to send more letters and cards. It's something that I had wanted to do last year but...

I started the year with a mission as well. I would send New Year's cards as I had the previous year along with catch up a bit on postcards to foreigners and some friends that...

"Why are you sending these here? Why don't you just wait until you get back to LA to send them?" a friend of mine said as he drove me around on last-minute errands last week before leaving from the bay to return back to LA.
"I want to send them with the Northern California postmark. That's why. I'll send more when I get back again at a different point but..."
"Oh that actually makes sense even though sending these things is a waste any way you know right?"
"It makes me happy. It makes others happy."
"It's a waste."
"I don't agree but I thank you for bringing me to do it anyway."
"Yeah yeah hurry up," he said as he swept my hand along. 

I just smiled and gleefully bounced towards the mailbox. I'd just gotten 50 more cards to send another time. I'd run out of cards to send with this last past outgoing batch. It made me happy. It made me excited. 

I'm going to send more letters and cards this year.

Will it to/be to you?)