A Surge of Backlog and a Storm of Postcards

It's been too long but wow this is a big surge of happy.

Back in January, I mentioned a vow to return to writing more letters and sending more cards. I've not been great about keeping this portion updated with logs of my card/letter prowess but it's been fairly steady. I will write a receipt of collected data at some point but I'm not sure just when.

I'd reactivated my account and things with Postcrossing last year when I was living more full time in the Bay Area. I had a mailing address and was also sending cards up there. Sadly I never received any cards to that box (at least that I am aware of when I last checked months ago before I let the UPS box lapse) and was wondering what was going on. I waited patiently hoping that they would eventually come.

They didn't.

Finally, I told a local friend who also serendipitously shared the postcard hobby who brought up the obvious: I should just email a query to find out what was going on that I was sending cards but not receiving them.

Now, I will say that due to personal circumstances, I also had not been able to register cards as frequently as I probably should have. With things going on with Jonas (even still with things I shan't discuss here) I have been very very busy. I know that some cards may have been missed from things. Things have been shifted in storage and moves paperwork wise and I really hope that my cards and collections haven't disappeared.

Organizationally, I do intend to make a better archive to put my collection in. I had a book with some of them at one point but that became full and also wasn't the best for being able to see and read both sides of the cards. The nerd in me enjoys the stamps, the writing, and the cards themselves quite a bit.

But I digress...

I moved back to Los Angeles more full time. I still aim to go to the Bay every month but it seems more like it happens once every 2-3 months as I no longer/currently don't have a car. Thankfully I have had quite a bit of bump back into writing projects as well as other things which you can see a little bit about in the filler portfolio I am getting up on Content.ly while I work on doing a complete rehaul of my other site- Socialmedialoves.me*

Stay tuned.

I have too many projects at times and paying ones take priority.

But back to postal nerd news!

I emailed Postcrossing:

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 7.51.24 PM.png

To which, I would find out what happened with my account:

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 7.51.06 PM.png

I continued to mail cards and checked my post box the week that followed but would find nothing in it just yet. I was mildly bummed but remained patient.

Last week on Friday I made the trek to my post box to pick up a swimsuit I'd ordered that showed as there just in time for a pool party I was planning on going to (but didn't end up going to) and was indeed greeted to an avalanche of cards and mail!

I got 38 cards, socks, a swimsuit, a phone ring that had a silly Sailor Moon chibi on it and... some other stuff that is personal and could possibly be life-changing that I may talk about on a different section on here. It was a fantastic day with postcards. I do hope to post them all manually but please understand that it's a big enough task even registering them as I want to take photos of all of them individually and thank each sender for things.

My active postcard sent and received date list may just go into a spreadsheet which perhaps I can link on here at some point when... but alas so many data entry tasks and not enough time.

Know that I'm thankful and sending quite a bit out right now too. I have 14 postcards currently enroute and will have 2 more out when I go to the post box tomorrow (I'll have posted this on Sunday but drafted it Friday because it was 8pm and I was still eyeballs deep in pitches and things and then Saturday I attempted to sleep in and didn't end up going to the post office and... well yeah ). I also have a new and quirky pen-pal that sent me something amazing that I also need to upload about as well as send her a return package/letter.

More on those things later.

I'm going to write some additional drafts with other cards that I've received in this giant pile to get ready to go up now.

Hope everyone is having a good week.

Cheers and happy mailing!