The pod is love.

A long time ago things were hard. I was very afraid that I would end up sleeping in my car kind of hard. You see, due to the circumstances over on Little Mom, Big City it's been a very very rough time for awhile.

At one point earlier on in this journey I was nervous and very alone. I still feel very alone at many points along this journey. Some days feel better than others.  Nonetheless, I nearly ended up sleeping in my car. Stars has done this several times by choice. Hell when I first met him he was practically doing that anyway even though he had an apartment as his place was not really a habitable one due to some issues with black mold. In his freelance contract field of work it's also more common than you would think not just for him but among his peers.

Yesterday May 14th there was a rally in Los Angeles about the rising epidemic of homelessness. I wanted to participate but.. I was right in the field so to speak.

The rally was covered by the LA Times in the link above. I'm wanting to assist in directly contributing to media coverage about this issue and will be reaching out to see if my efforts can help as well. I highly encourage you to give it a good read.

But I digress. 

I told Stars in a moment that I was scared about this very notion, even though it has been something I have drifted and even  brushed against closely several times in my tenure in Los Angeles. He, like a previous lover, told me then that in the event that that ever happened he would be there with me through it. Further, that he would sleep in a car with me. He's not the first person who has told me this but it's never happened and there is part of me that hopes it never has to.

Months later and he's currently living not much differently. There are some nights where he sleeps in his car by choice. Things are far from that dream we used to dream... however romantic and light in the middle of the darkness. But yet there have been moments where...

and how I wish we were the two pea pods we used to be once upon a time. Thankfully it's not cold temperature wise now I guess. Sadly this tale of Once Loved is not uncommon. Especially today. Especially yesterday. I just hope whoever is dealing through it is not alone or can find a tribe to join them and work together towards helping counter it. It takes a village after all to tend to a heart and a spirit.